diary of a WWII soldier

August 24, 2009

Debarked patients Aug 24 - I went ashore - Naples.
(blogger's note: the following was found on another page in the diary. Evidently the soldier decided to write more about that day later on)
Went ashore in Naples-
Aug 24 1944 - Many bldgs bombed, I never saw so many people begging - the whole city is a mess. Tiny kids begging in all the streets. Every other door a barber shop. Basket merchants & jewelry vendors with boxes of junk. Mt. Vesuvius belched a little smoke to let us know she wasn't dead and still could cloud up and rain plenty of hell. The Isle of Capri was solely rock - not at all as I had it pictured. Both trips to the beachhead were nice and smooth - with beautiful sunny weather.

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